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The Issues At Hand

Making a Difference

Life Skills for Success-

Enhancing high school education to better prepare students for life after graduation is paramount. I aim to introduce practical classes focused on crucial life skills: financial literacy, stress and anxiety management, and comprehensive SAT & ACT preparation. These courses will ensure our students are equipped not just academically, but also with the essential tools for real-world success.

Young Teacher

Mental Health in Schools-

During my time at WVU, witnessing students facing stress-related challenges that led to tragic outcomes was all too frequent. The prevalence of these issues among students is alarming. Introducing mental health education from an early age through high school is crucial. It's not just an academic concern; it's about saving lives. Failing to educate young minds about mental health can lead to severe consequences, including substance abuse, behavioral issues, and even suicide. Early intervention is vital in preventing these devastating outcomes that every parent fears. Empowering children with tools to understand and manage their mental well-being is an essential investment in their future stability and happiness.

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School Supplies

Teacher Shortages-

Securing high-quality educators is pivotal for a thriving school district like Berkeley County. We possess a distinct advantage amid shifts in the DC metro area. I am committed to spearheading efforts to attract these highly skilled teachers to our district. Alongside continued collaboration with legislators, I will play a leading role in advocating for increased locality pay. This endeavor aims to retain and entice exceptional educators by ensuring they receive the rightful recognition and compensation for their invaluable contributions.

Math Teacher

Keeping Woke Ideology Out-

The Biden Administration and the "Woke" left are trying to shove down our kids throats a woke agenda.  Fighting to stop their agenda will be one of my most important priorities as your School Board member.  This includes keeping the LGBTQ/transgender indoctrination, the obsessive fixation over outward and inward body mutilation, and fixating on over-sexualization topics and rhetoric out of our public school taxpayer funded classes. Our schools must only be focused on teaching kids how to think and not what to think. 

Water Tower- Berkeley County
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